Get Your Own Designer!

Membership has it's privileges. We're totally your team now.

Stop trying to be a graphic designer. That's our job. Let us do it.

You're wearing too many hats. Your business is growing. You're losing too many of your own hours trying to create flyers and marketing items you shouldn't be making on your own anyway. We have your solution: Let us do your design projects so you're free to go do your super-important things. Oh, and put that 1998 clip art CD & copy of Microsoft Publisher away. You're really just hurting yourself. 

At We Fix Ugly, we want to become your team. Normal design rates are $95-125/hr. With minimum 6 month contracts, we offer heavily discounted "Blocks of time" that start as low as $250/mo! We'll assist your company with ANY graphic design and branding-related tasks. (does not include web design) Design Block Contracts also eliminate those pesky, per-project pricing structures! Got the need?, hire us today and SAVE!

  • Team Member at $250/mo

    Have a last minute project? Need a dedicated flyer needed for an event, or a layout design for larger-scale project? Use us to create beautiful, elegant and swiftly delivered small projects around the office.

  • Team Member at $500/mo

    Add projects to our list such as updating all company advertising materials and internal source-documents with cohesive and consistent design. Realistically, the hours are yours to use for design-for-print or design-for-web graphics and more! We work closely with you to prioritize your design “Honey do” list, then we deliver on those items!

  • Team Member at $1200/mo

    You recognize the need to have a dedicated team, but don’t have the budget allocated for the expense. This is a happy middle ground. We work for you, we’ll focus on brand consistency, free you or your administrative staff to do their work, and we’ll manage the creative. We’ll become your fixed asset in place as your “go to it person” for all things branding, design and production.

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Choose between our Design Blocks or we'll create a customized Design Contract for you. We understand that every company is different, with varying project needs and volume. We highlighted our most popular Design Blocks but can work with you from a minimum of 4 hours per month and up to 60 hours!

Brian Trendler and his team at We Fix Ugly have taken my business concept and moved it into a reality. Brian is diligent, driven and has the artistic ability to convey your thoughts and ideas into the vision that you seek. He has an amazing grasp on social networking and marketing, and We Fix Ugly offers all that your company could need in regards to logo/ web design, product development/ production, social media and marketing. I highly recommend his company for all of your design and advertising! I am thankful I did!

Stephen D'Amico
Stephen D'Amico BrokenGearWear

A big THANKS to Brian who worked on my logos on a weekend so I could keep working on promoting my very new business! I do not have much of a creative side so can really appreciate what Brian and his business does!

Karen Benson
Karen Benson Earth Healer