People do stupid things with their brands. Let's stop that. 

Learn about best practices that every business needs to know to protect their brand, and meet "BeeDee," our little Brand Damage friend who's along for the ride!

Say Hello to "BeeDee"

BeeDee is our not-so-friendly little guide through the madness of Brand Damage. Watch out for times when you expect him to pop-up, and even worse during those times when you'd least expect him! Learn how to avoid seeing BeeDee all together within the pages of "Brand Damage."

  • Break the Cycle

    Learn the signs! You may not even realize that you or someone that’s part of your company is committing Brand Damage.

  • Your Clients Notice

    The worst thing that can happen to your Brand is when your clients notice before you do. Learn the best ways to avoid these common mistakes!

  • Approvals are Good

    Processes should be in place to ensure that your Brand doesn’t suffer the way many do. Read how!

  • Be Proactive

    Whether on Mobile Phones or other Smart Devices, it’s a battle to keep in front of Brand Damage. Learn how to win!

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